New Zealand




Woakes to Nicholls.

Single apiece off the over. 311/6 Nicholls 82 Astle 1

Better from Overton but overpitches last ball and Astle drives for 1 which is the only run off the over. 312/6 Nicholls 82 Astle 2

Woakes to Astle.

Astle playing a game of "find the fielder" for most of his short innings so far. He's plinked a few so far as well.

Maiden from Woakes in his 30th over. 0-82 for him. 312/6 Nicholls 82 Astle 2

Overton continues. Nicholls facing.

Off side dominant field for Nicholls. Short point, cover, deepish cover point. 314/6

FOUR - Short-ish and a bit of width, square drive through point by Nicholls. 318/6

6 off. More inconsistency from Overton. 318/6 Nicholls 88 Astle 2