South Africa
311 & 373

255 & 107



Width offered and the ball lifts up off a length, Paine wafts at it but no connection. Maiden. 94/9 - Target 430 Paine 5 Hazlewood 0

Wicket! Paine gone lbw!

Reviewed but he looks out.

Might have pitched outside leg.

Yep! Just pitches outside leg so Australia get a stay of execution.

Inbetween length just outside off, too close to cut, Paine goes for the cut, misses off by a whisker. FOUR - Dab sweep to the fine leg boundary. South Africa won't mind that. Keeps Hazlewood on strike for Morkel.

5 off. 99/9 - Target 430 Paine 9 Hazlewood 1

FOUR - Short and outside off, Hazlewood guides it sweetly over gully. Fly slip in position but nowhere near him. FOUR - Short and kept get shorter, flies over de Kock for byes.

Short again, Hazlewood pops it up to where a silly point would have been. I'd take the mid off out. Morkel won't be offering up drives. Bavuma comes in from point to silly point.

Wicket! Hazlewood gone! South Africa win by 322 runs and retain the series trophy!