South Africa
311 & 373

255 & 107



Maiden. Bancroft looking uncertain after tea. 57/0 - Target 430 Warner 31 Bancroft 26

Direct hit! Bancroft could be in trouble here!

Long way short! Bancroft is run out.

Warner came down the track to Maharaj, squeezed it into the off side, du Plessis one handed pick up and throws down the stumps off balance. Simply outstanding from the South Africa captain but so needless from Australia. Bancroft run out for 26. 57/1

Usman Khawaja the new batsman, facing Maharaj. He's been found wanting against spin in the past so this is a big test for him.

1 off and a wicket. Bancroft was booed off by the crowd unsurprisingly. 58/1 - Target 430 Warner 31 Khawaja 1

Bancroft well short...

Rabada gets one to spit up off a length and raps Khawaja on the arm.

Maiden. 58/1 - Target 430 Warner 31 Khawaja 1

Missed stumping! Warner down the track, misses and de Kock fluffs it. Maharaj beats him on the outside edge next delivery.