South Africa
311 & 373

255 & 107



Back of a length, Marsh goes for a full blooded hook, comes off the end of the bat and is caught well by de Villiers diving to his right at third slip. Marsh gone for 16. 86/6

Snorter, Cummins given out caught but reviewed immediately.

Looks like a mix of arm guard and wrist band to me.

Is the wrist band part of the glove attire? Is there enough evidence to overturn?

Seamingly the wrist band is part of the attire as it's given out.

Morkel on a hattrick. That was a viscious delivery, nothing Cummins could do.

Morkel around the wicket to Starc who is surrounded.

FOUR - On the up Starc drives to the extra cover boundary. What a way to deal with a hattrick delivery.

4 slips, gully, leg gully, short leg, short cover.

Short ball at the body and well played by Starc, goes down so no chance for short leg. Same again next ball but goes down to the off side. 4 off and 2 wickets. 90/7 - Target 430 Paine 4 Starc 4