South Africa
311 & 373

255 & 107



Here is the Cummins wicket. Make up your own mind:

Maharaj to Paine.

Australia's fans be like:

1 off. 92/7 - Target 430 Paine 5 Starc 5

I'd forgotten Graeme Hick was on Australia's coaching staff. Him and Shaun Marsh should get on I imagine. Both at their best make the game look easy but often at test level found wanting.

Short ball at the body, off the shoulder of the bat, pops up in front of Starc, Markram dives valiantly on the wicket but can't quite reach.

Woah! Another short ball, Starc goes for a hook, hits him on the head, the protective equipment on the neck part of the helmet comes apart. Slight delay as the South Africans and the Australia physio makes sure Starc is ok.

3 wickets left, Morkel needs two to finish off his test career at Newlands with a Michelle.

Starc still getting seen to and getting his new helmet on. Can't rush these things of course. I'd be inclined to play it safe and tell him to retire hurt considering the match situation. We carry on.

Wicket! Starc gone.