Juan Martin Del Potro
6 6

Kei Nishikori
2 2



Nishikori again going for the drop-shot....he got a bit closer that time but clipped the top of the net. 40-0 and a service winner gives Del Potro the hold to love. 2-2, first set.

Down the line backhand channel left wide open for Nishikori, but he overshoots by a half a mile, 15-15. Del Potro defending well on his backhand, but Nishikori does get a bit unlucky, his forehand clips up and wide to hand Del Potro TWO BREAK POINTS...

First is saved with a backhand down the line winner, and Nishikori gets away with a poor second serve as Del Potro makes a rare unforced error on his return. DEUCE.

Drop-shot from Delpo, Nishikori gets there but nets from close range...here's another BREAK POINT for Del Potro... Two big forehands from Nishikori, and into the net to volley away the winner to saved. Back to deuce.

Del Potro skies a return off the frame of his racket, which then bears the brunt of his frustration. AD Nishikori, but he airs a forehand of his own to go back to deuce, looked like he lost his grip there. Nishikori does well to dig up a short Del Potro forehand, but he sends it long and it's a fourth BREAK POINT...

And this time DEL POTRO BREAKS! Forehand second shot error from Nishikori does the damage. Del Potro leads 3*-2, first set.

Forehand unforced errors racking up a bit for Nishikori, a couple to open up the next game, Del Potro up 30-0. Oops Del Potro throws in the first double fault of the match, Nishikori with a shot at 40-30, but he swings a return wide and Del Potro holds to consolidate the break. 4-2*, first set.

Nishikori in at the net, Del Potro goes for the lob, Nishikori gets there and tries again with a drop-shot, but it curls wide and I think Del Potro would have got there. 15-15. Nishikori forced into a trick shot, not quite a 'tweener but close. He's forced out wide though and nets to give Del Potro BREAK POINT...

Hammer of a forehand from Del Potro, he's got the double break and will serve for the set, much to the delight of the Miami crowd. 5*-2, first set.

Boooooooming ace out wide from Del Potro, 30-0. Another unforced error from Nishikori, this time his backhand shanks wide to bring up THREE SET POINTS for Del Potro...

Anna Logue

He made quick work of the first set in the end!

Hannah (@hannakin__)

Pretty straightforward work so far for him