Hello! It’s Masterchef time again. Just a quickie tonight though, as Knockout Week begins. Last night, the Blue team cooked for John and Gregg, tonight it’s the turn of the Reds

The dish has to be inspired by family, or just a personal favourite. Louise is cooking a Welsh broth, inspired by her mum

Anthony is cooking a Norwegian dish with fish and bacon, inspired by the Norwegian side if his family

Namawin is cooking a coconut and rice dish inspired by his Nan

Kenny is doing a taco inspired by his Mexican honeymoon

James is cooking venison, mash and blackberry sauce inspired by his love of rugby and his nan

Greg is doing a lamb dish with juniper, inspired by his wedding day

Moonira is doing a chicken biryani inspired by her childhood

Louise is up first with her Welsh lamb broth. John is impressed, Gregg says it’s light, tasty and beautiful

Anthony’s Norwegian dish gets the thumbs up. John says it’s comforting but Gregg says it looks shocking