Nick Kyrgios
6 6

Fabio Fognini
3 3



Fognini throwing down a few errors to help Kyrgios to a hold, the Aussie is definitely still feeling something in his back though. 4-1*, first set.

Getting a bit more straightforward for Fognini on serve now, serve out wide followed by a forehand to the other corner for 40-0, and an ace down the T seals the hold to love. 4*-2, first set.

I really love Kyrgios' tactic of waving mishit balls out of play. Never fails to make me laugh. A sky ball from Fognini does indeed fall wide, 15-0. Down the line backhand from Kyrgios, but there's no pace on it and he ends up getting a bit lucky as Fognini sends a forehand down the line wide. And that results in the first racket smash of the match! Service winner for Kyrgios, hold to 15.

Fognini will now serve to stay in the set, 5-2*. Forehand from Fognini dumped in the net for 15-15, but Kyrgios does the same with a down the line shot on the next point for 30-15. Nice timing from Fognini, coming into the net to volley away for 40-15. Long return from Kyrgios, Fognini holds to stay in it. 5*-3.

Fognini returns wide, 15-0 Couple of forehand thumped down the line from Kyrgios, Fognini responds with one that goes long, 30-0. Oh but he keeps that one in! A rocket of a cross court forehand winner from the Italian, 30-15. Kyrgios up into the net, but he makes a mess of the volley and drives it past the baseline. 30-30. But an ace out wide brings up SET POINT...

SET KYRGIOS. 6-3 Neither player setting the world on fire here. Fognini paid for a slow start, and then it's so so tough to break the Kyrgios serve when he's got his eye in. Kyrgios definitely not 100% but he's doing enough.

Fognini serving first to start the second set. Great air on a Kyrgios forehand, that one swerved all over the place, and Fognini ends up sending a dreadful forehand into the net. 15-15. That's a bad double fault, second serve was closer to the baseline than the service line! 30-30. Aaaaaaaand another! BREAK POINT KYRGIOS...

SAVED. Forehand error from Kyrgios, sent long, deuce. Mishit return off Kyrgios' racket frame for AD Fognini. Nice from Fognini, backhand cross court twice to go behind Kyrgios. He holds, 1-0*, second set.

A rare Kyrgios serve and volley with Fognini returning very deep....and it comes off! 15-15. Cracking second serve right on the T. 30-15. Fognini gets it close at 40-30, but as so often a Kyrgios ace puts paid to any ideas his opponent might be getting. We're on serve at 1-1, second set.

Nice point from Fognini! Dictating from the baseline, moving Kyrgios across to eventually force the forehand error. 0-15. Oh good return from Kyrgios! Riiiiiiight into the corner, and Fognini goes long on the stretch. 15-15. Big hitting from both, but Fognini gets stuck on his heels as Kyrgios sends a forehand straight at him and sends the ball wide. 15-30.