Hello. Knockout Week continues on Masterchef, with the final 12 entering a pro kitchen for the first time to cook for paying customers. Gulp. I’m Caroline, @toongirl83, here to bring you all the action from the kitchen

The 12 have been split into 2 groups of six. They’ll cook in a pro kitchen before cooking for a pro chef

The first six are off to Eneko in London, a Spanish inspired restaurant. They’ll be cooking with head chef Harvey Blanco, doing the lunch service

They have 4 hours to prep. Moonira is doing a cauliflower starter with cauliflower purée and powder and caviar

Naramin is doing a traditional Basque egg dish, with eggs coated in tempura with crackers and peppers and onions

Kenny is doing a main: hake with red pepper sauce and veg. Looks gorgeous

George is doing the other main, pan fried duck breast with mushrooms and pickled onions. Looks a bit too fancy for me

Louise is doing a dessert of strawberries, rose and marshmallow. It’s like a little tower of yum

Greg is doing the other dessert: echoes of pineapple with pineapple sponge, celery gel (!) and pineapple sorbet. Utterly mad.

Moonira and Naramin are up first. Naramin’s struggling with his bread crackers: he’s burnt them. Kenny’s struggling with his hake: his portions are two small. Chef is not happy