Hyeon Chung
1 4

John Isner
6 6



Evening All - Some Wednesday night Tennis Action for you with the first Quarter Final of the Miami Open between big serving John Isner and big prospect Heyong Chung of South Korea

Isner serving to open things up and he's straight into the groove. 118mph 2nd servr to make it 40-15 and a touch volley to wrap up the game

The bespectacled Chung then to respond. Don't know much about this fella so not sure if the glasses are to help his eyesight or are merely a fashion accessory. Whatever they are for he has his eye in early as well and holds to tie it up

Anna Logue

They're for his eyesight, apparently his parents started taking him to tennis to help improve it when he was younger!

Isner wowing the commentary team on this one with his service power. 103 mph off speed serve is the highlight and he holds to love. Could be a tough night for Chung who would just quite like to get a return in at the moment.

Chung hasn't had his serve broken yet in the tournament so the smart money might be on tiebreakers all the way in this one. Couple of forehand errors from Isner gives Chung the initiative in the game and after a double fault, the South Korean rips a forehand of his own down the line. ISner though is in every point and a Chung forehand into the net hands him a break point.

Isner chases a short one from Chung but powers the forehand wide into the backhand side. Chung though then goes wide with a forehand to hand Isner another breakpoint. His 5th error of the match already and he only had 5 in the entirety of his previous match. Chung then goes long with an easy forehand and Isner has the break. CHUNG 1 ISNER* 3

Chung has no answer to the Isner serve and the giant American holds to love again. Cakewalk at the moment CHUNG* 1 ISNER 4

Just get the feeling Chung is forcing things at the minute, knowing he has to work so hard to hold his serve, such is the power of his opponents. Isner not just a serving machine though and he is playing some great stuff and forces another break point. Chung goes wide again with an easy forehand and it's a double break. CHUNG 1 ISNER* 5

Chung actually gets the ball in play on the opening point of the game. Isner has got 11 first serves in so far and hasn't had to hit the ball again. Another ace brings up set point. Another ace clinches the set. Phenomenal stuff CHUNG* 1 ISNER 6

So much for tiebreakers all the way. Chung has to find an answer to this serve very quickly indeed.