Chicago Cubs

Miami Marlins



Good evening and welcome to our coverage of the Opening Day match-up between the Chicago Cubs and the Miami Marlins. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H) and I am a huge Cubs fan so please forgive any bias in this coverage!

Cubs starting line-up (from Cubs Twitter):

And Marlins line-up (from Marlins Twitter):

National anthem being sung at the moment before the start of the game. The sun is out and the roof is open in Miami. There are some clouds about but the weather is set fair.

The Marlins take to the field and Ian Happ is ready to take on Jose Urena.

HOME RUN! Cubs 1 - 0 Marlins And we start with a home-run off the first pitch to right field! Wow!

Harvey Waywell

Back back gone..Go Cubbies!

Mel - @MissMelanie_H

That's the way to start!

Cubs 1 - 0 Marlins Kris Bryant is the next batter. He is quickly 3-1 up on Urena and then earns the walk off the 6th pitch.

Cubs 1 - 0 Marlins Anthony Rizzo rips his first pitch down the line but it flies foul. Quick throw to first but Bryant is back. Rizzo gets hit by pitch and the Cubs have two men on.

Cubs 1 - 0 Marlins Wilson Contreras steps up to the plate. First pitch is a strike and the second is fouled. A couple of balls follow. Urena gets his first out when Contreras swings and misses.

Cubs 1 - 0 Marlins Kyle Schwarber is up. Another wild pitch from Urena but Schwarber can get out of the way. He then sends on the ground to first and is ground out. Bryant and Rizzo move up a base.