Alex Zverev
6 6

Borna Coric
4 4



GAME SET MATCH, SASCHA ZVEREV, 6-4 6-4. Very impressive from Zverev, it's all coming together again. Coric left it late to go big against the German, and never really threatened his serve after those two early break points. Zverev will face Pablo Carreno Busta for a place in the Miami Open final. That's all from me, I've been Hannah, thanks for following!

Ace to start off, 15-0. What a point! Zverev with a drop shot, Coric gets up to it and sends Zverev chasing, he gets back to the ball and fires a backhand to force the error. And now he's gesturing to the crowd on the way back to the baseline. They liked that one. 30-0. Long forehand from Coric, TWO MATCH POINTS...

ZVEREV BREAKS. That's been coming. Coric goes long with a forehand and Zverev will serve for the match. 5*-4

More trouble possibly brewing for Coric as he fires a backhand past the baseline. 15-30. Coric going aggressive, looks for the early backhand cross court winner. But it's long! TWO BREAK POINTS ZVEREV...

With Coric facing break points on his last two service games, Zverev is having a comparatively easy time of it on his serve. Quickly up 40-15. Hang on though, what a shot from Coric! Anticipated the Zverev volley and found a wonderful backhand cross court winner. That got some cheers. 40-30. Zverev does hold though, 4-4, second set.

Bit of a missed opportunity for Zverev on a Coric second serve as he sends a backhand into the net. AD Coric, but we're back to deuce as Zverev pulls out a thumping backhand cross court winner. Net gets in the way of Zverev's forehand, Coric hangs on again. 4-3*, second set.

Uh-oh, trouble for Coric here. Mishit return, it sits up, but Coric overcooks it by a mile. TWO BREAK POINTS ZVEREV. First one saved, and there goes the second with the help of a big Coric first serve. DEUCE.

Ooh perfect 1-2 from Coric, forehand riiiiight into the corner. 15-0. Lovely stuff. Zverev starts off with a drop shot from the baseline, but its poor and Coric is there in time, but he then goes for a drop shot of his own. It's equally poor, Zverev gets there, and then easily stretches to volley back Coric' lob. 15-30.

Coric looking to be more aggressive, steps up to a forehand, but slams it into the net. 15-0. Another backhand into the net, 30-0. Super serve down the T, Coric returns longs. 40-0. Another mishit backhand and the Coric aggression quite literally comes to nought. Zverev holds to love. Still on serve at 3-3, second set.

Again!! Zverev skies two forehands, but they land in and Coric doesn't do enough with his own forehand. 0-15. Nice serve and volley from Coric, 15-15. And then a wonderful down the line backhand pass! 40-15. Wild down the line from Zverev, Coric holds to edge ahead 3-2*, second set.