Alex Zverev
6 6

Borna Coric
4 4



Coric serving to begin the second set... Lovely pass from Zverev!!! Arrowed down the line on the backhand. 30-30. Coric steps up and gets over a forehand cross court winner for 40-30, and then makes a not bad at all pass of his own! Zverev comes into the net but doesn't do enough with his volley, and Coric pushes a forehand past him to hold. 1-0*, second set.

Nice return from Coric, deep to Zverev's feet and the German can't dig it out from the baseline. Tidy volley at the net from Zverev, and a 137mph ace down the middle brings up the hold. 1-1, second set.

Zverev forcing Coric into some lower percentage shots right now as he looks to keep the pressure on. Coric sends an attempted lob long for 15-30, but then lets rips on a cross court forehand that skids off the line. 30-30. Forehand goes wide from Zverev for 40-30, Coric nets a backhand, deuce.

Error from Coric, trying to keep his backhand low and flat, but he fires one long and it's BREAK POINT ZVEREV.... Well saved! Backhand down the line on the run out wide, right onto the baseline. Deuce.

Oooooh, Zverev had Coric on the run, but sends a forehand just a tad long, AD Coric. Awesome serve from Coric, Zverev using all his extra height to reach the ball just to get it back in play, but then Coric sends his forehand long! Back to deuce and another forehand error hands Zverev a second BREAK POINT...

Saved again! Another miss from Zverev as he goes for the outright winner out wide. Good grit from Coric, he digs out the hold to keep himself on serve and ahead 2-1* in the second set. Couple of chances missed by Zverev there.

Ooooh. Zverev got a bit of luck with some early forehands in a rally, helped out by the net cord, and then adjusts to belt one cross court onto the line for 30-15. Couple more forehand winners and he holds to 15. 2-2, second set.

Again!! Zverev skies two forehands, but they land in and Coric doesn't do enough with his own forehand. 0-15. Nice serve and volley from Coric, 15-15. And then a wonderful down the line backhand pass! 40-15. Wild down the line from Zverev, Coric holds to edge ahead 3-2*, second set.

Coric looking to be more aggressive, steps up to a forehand, but slams it into the net. 15-0. Another backhand into the net, 30-0. Super serve down the T, Coric returns longs. 40-0. Another mishit backhand and the Coric aggression quite literally comes to nought. Zverev holds to love. Still on serve at 3-3, second set.

Ooh perfect 1-2 from Coric, forehand riiiiight into the corner. 15-0. Lovely stuff. Zverev starts off with a drop shot from the baseline, but its poor and Coric is there in time, but he then goes for a drop shot of his own. It's equally poor, Zverev gets there, and then easily stretches to volley back Coric' lob. 15-30.