New Zealand




Good morning (or evening) - we're half an hour away from the start of the second day of the second Test between New Zealand and England

England will resume on 290-8, very much helped yesterday by Jonny Bairstow, who will continue on 97 not out. A very good 52 from Mark Wood the other England batting highlight yesterday

Forecast apparently set fair, pitch shouldn't really deteriorate, teams on the we go

Boult to open the day's bowling, Leach deals with the first ball. 290-8

FOUR! After leaving a ball, Leach then hits one that's too straight it's off to the boundary. 294-8

Boult finishes with a yorker but Leach gets his bat to it. Just that boundary in the first over. 294-8

Southee from the other end, Bairstow faces his first balls of the day too. No runs for him though, as we get a maiden over. 294-8

A couple of byes off Boult that over, a full one then hit by Leach and that'll be two more for himself as well. Bairstow still to score this morning. 298-8

Bairstow off the mark for the day with a single, before Southee bounces one that Watling has no chance of getting to unless he grows a foot, going for four byes. 303-8

Another single from Bairstow - onto 99 now, more bounce today, another bye that Watling can't do anything about. Bairstow on strike, to the onside...CENTURY! Absolutely dellivered when needed, well done Bairstow. Last ball of the over, decent ball but the shot carries short of Southee in the slips. 306-8