New York Yankees

Toronto Blue Jays





Fast ball right down the middle, pretty much begging for what it got.

C Russell Martin is now at the plate.

Soft grounder to 2nd for the 2nd out.

CF Kevin Pillar the latest man at the plate. Swings, misses and fails to hang on to his bat, which flies into the seats.

Pillar takes the 0-2 pitch up the left field line, curves it round the bag to stay fair. Double for KP

SS Aledmys Diaz completes the order. Swing and miss first up

Fouls off to go 0-2. Then grounds another pitch away to short, easy out. It's 1-1 after 2.

Back to the top of the order for NY. Gardner singled first time up.

Grounds a 1-2 pitch to 2nd. Aaron Judge back to the plate

Judge leaves a couple of inside pitches for balls, before having a dig at a 2-1 offering. Not enough on it as it sails into right, where Grichuk takes a simple catch. 2 down.