New York Yankees

Toronto Blue Jays





Stanton not hanging around, is quickly down 0-2 before looking at a pitch in the dirt.

Swings, misses and it's a 1-2-3 inning for Aaron Sanchez

Back to the top of the Jays order now too. Devon Travis with a long fly ball foul into the right field seats. Then looks at a pair of wide ones.

Jammed up a bit one the 4th pitch, punches it foul, one hopping into the RF seats.

Swing, miss, out. Strike 3.

Josh Donaldson up.

Couple of pop fouls, and a foul tip extend the at bat, before he swings and misses a high slider. 2nd K of the night for JD.

Justin Smoak will try to follow his double.

For those of you interested, the SkyDome roof is closed. It's a little chilly in The Six tonight, not much above 0C

4th K of the evening for Tanaka ends the third as Smoak is rung up.