New York Yankees

Toronto Blue Jays





Didi Gregorious, who tripled earlier, before having a brain fade, leads off the 4th with a double. Pulling into the RF corner and sliding into 2nd

Sanchez goes at his first pitch, pops up in foul territory. Russell Martin and his dodgy barnet trot over to make the catch. 1 out, 1 on

Neil Walker works a 2-0 count, before Sanchez paints a corner for strike 1

Walker, does just that, taking ball 4. 2 on, 1 out

McKinney with a slow roller to short. Diaz gets it to Travis for the force out of Walker. Gregorious to 3rd, McKinney safe at 1st

Drury, who has the RBI, with another opportunity to cash in

....and he does. Base hit to left field. Didi scores this time. McKinney holds at 2nd

Wade ends the inning with a ground ball to Smoak at first. Yanks retake the lead. 2 - 1

Tanaka wasting no time in the bottom of the 4th. Granderson strikes out on 3 pitches then Solarte hits a first pitch fly ball to CF. Grichuk repeats the feat shortly after. A 7 pitch inning.

We're back to the top of the Yanks order, so Brett Gardner once more. He's 1 for 2 and ahead 3-0