New York Yankees

Toronto Blue Jays





Now he's on 1st base. Four pitch walk for Gardner.

Aaron Judge steps up to the plate.

Sanchez still throwing into the mid=90s consistently has a 2-1 count on Judge.

Couple of pick off throws out to first as the speedy Gardner looks for a lead. Stolen bases should be fairly moot with Judge and Stanton behind him

Grounder to third, to second to first for a 5-4-3 double play. Brings up Stanton with the bases empty

Ground ball to third as the bat shatters. Ends the top half of the 5th.

Jays need to get some runs soon. The New York bullpen is one of the best in the business, once they come in it's generally to shut things down.

Russell Martin gets the bottom half of the 5th stanza underway.

Pops up a 1-2 pitch just foul side of first. Walker makes the out.

Kevin Pillar, the unlikely owner of the Jays first home run of the season, finds himself behind 0-2 before he fouls off a high fastball.