New York Yankees

Toronto Blue Jays





Swings at one low and away. Misses. 2 down.

Diaz will complete the 2nd go round of the Jays order.

Tanaka really in the groove now, Diaz becoming the latest Jay to get nowhere near his slider. 5 innings down, bad guys lead 2-1

Didi Gregorius leads off the 6th, he's on for the cycle having tripled and doubled so far.

He's got a walk now, on 5 pitches.

Sanchez on Sanchez action as Aaron goes at Gary once more.

Full count now as we see the first action in the bullpen

Danny Barnes warming up for the Jays

Gregorius sets off to on a hit and run, Sanchez with the drive to left, Granderson makes the catch in front of the warning track, Didi has to tag up back at 1st

Neil Walker goes at his first pitch and finds himself a base hit into right. Gregorius to 2nd. 1 out, 2 on and we have the first visit to the mound by the pitching coach