South Africa




So that's me done. Ta ra.

This is the situation at stumps on day 2: 110/6 - Trail by 378 Paine 5 Cummins 7

Paine leaves the final ball alone. Poor over to finish but a great day for the hosts.

FOUR - Doesn't make Paine play the first 4 balls. The 5th ball is too straight, Paine tickles fine.

Morkel to bowl to Paine.

We've got time for 1 more over.

Good over from Maharaj. 6 off. 106/6 Paine 1 Cummins 7

Maharaj throws one up there, Cummins for the big one over the top, misses it, off de Kock and off for byes.

FOUR - Bit short and Cummins with an uppish drive on the back foot on the up through extra cover.

Physio out to see to Tim Paine after his rap on the fingers in the last over. Not exactly poppadom fingers like Hussain but those fingers took a bashing standing up and now when he's batting. He's had his finger problems in the past of course so can't begrudge him taking his time. Maharaj to Cummins.