South Africa




Renshaw beaten on the inside edge, not far from the off stump. Beauty from Rabada. Renshaw goes "oooo" in appreciation. 1 off. 3/0 Renshaw 2 Burns 1

Philander continues, back of a length, Burns fends away and drops just short of Markram at short leg!

FOUR - Too straight and Renshaw whips away handsomely to the mid wicket boundary. 7 off. Philander uncharacteristically inconsistent with lines and lengths so far. 7 off. 10/0 Renshaw 6 Burns 4

Rabada continues to Burns.

Wicket! Burns gone!

Full-ish, movement off the seam, Burns drawn into the indeterminate drive, du Plessis dives in front of first slip and just about holds on. Burns gone for 4. 10/1

Khawaja the new man. Just the one 50 in this series for him.

Wicket maiden for the number 1 bowler in the world. 10/1 Renshaw 6 Khawaja 0

Philander to Renshaw.

No 100 by an Australian batsman in this series so far. Sure I heard a stat the other day that the last time Australia had a test series of at least 4 games and there wasn't an individual 100 scored was the 1969/70 tour of South Africa.