South Africa




Philander to Khawaja.

FOUR - Khawaja looks to work it away on the on side, gets a leading edge through backward point to the fence. Khawaja looking very suspect again.

Nibble away, beats the outside edge 2 balls in a row. Interesting to look at Khawaja's record. Home: 1544 runs at 59.38 - 5x 100s and 8x 50s. Away: 633 runs at 25.32 - 1x 100 and 3x 50s.

4 off. Another testing over from Philander. 29/1 Renshaw 6 Khawaja 15

Rabada continues around the wicket.

Rabada a bit short in that over. 3 off. 32/1 Renshaw 7 Khawaja 17

Philander to Renshaw.

Wicket! Renshaw gone!

Renshaw's patience runs out. Poor shot from the Yorkshire born opener. Well wide of the off stump, good length, Renshaw drives, outside edge, de Kock catches. Renshaw gone for 8. 34/2

2 off and a wicket. 34/2 Khawaja 18 Handscomb 0