South Africa




Morkel continues to Khawaja. Khawaja pulls for a couple, doesn't quite time it. Bit of a battle for Khawaja out there.

FOUR - Much more convincing from Khawaja. Morkel around the wicket, short, Khawaja waiting for it and crunches a pull through mid wicket.

8 off. Morkel searching for his rhythm. 46/3 Khawaja 25 S Marsh 0

Maharaj into the attack. Two left handers for him to bowl at. Khawaja has had his troubles against spin in his career. Dances down the track first ball and whips a single to wide long on.

Khawaja pads up outside off. Faf reviews. Bit of a gamble.

Hang on, that hit the back leg, not the front as I first thought. This might be out.

Hits him outside the line but no shot offered so doesn't matter. All about the bounce.

Pitches, turns, hits the back leg, bounces just over the leg stump. Good decision by the umpire. South Africa lose a review. Poorly played by Khawaja that. 4 off. 50/3 Khawaja 26 S Marsh 3

Interesting plan of attack by Australia in that over. 4 balls in that over they used their feet to Maharaj. Will that be a sign of how they play Maharaj from here on in?

Morkel around the Marsh. Marsh stuck on the crease, gets caught inbetween, Morkel gets one to straighten and Marsh's legs looked like they turned to jelly and got in a bit of a tangle as he played and missed.