South Africa




Better over from Morkel. Couple of plays and misses outside off. Just a no ball off the over. 51/3 Khawaja 26 S Marsh 3

Maharaj continues over the wicket to Khawaja. Uses his feet first ball again. FOUR - Khawaja down the wicket next ball, to the pitch, drives straight, Morkel is too wide at mid off and has no chance of stopping it.

Better thought process in this over from Khawaja. Marsh still looks a tad indecisive.

FOUR - Majestic. Marsh down the track, to the pitch and hammers it through extra cover. Like these aggressive tactics to Maharaj. 13 off. 64/3 Khawaja 33 S Marsh 9

Maharaj 2 overs for 17 so far. Australia making their intentions quite clear, they're not going to let him settle. It will be interesting to see how the spinner responds.

Woah! Where did that come from?! Back of a length well outside off, bit of away movement and Khawaja goes for a full blooded premeditated pull and misses it by the proverbial mile.

FOUR - Too straight from Morkel and Khawaja works it fine.

4 off. Morkel continues to wayward. 68/3 Khawaja 37 S Marsh 9

Faf has seen enough Maharaj getting tapped and brings back Rabada. Marsh facing.

Marsh plays and misses outside off as he continues to look a little indeterminate to the pace bowlers.