South Africa




FOUR - Really sweet shot. Rabada overpitches and Khawaja gets his hands through the ball beautifully as it races away to the cover boundary.

4 off. 73/3 Khawaja 42 S Marsh 9

Philander back into the attack. Over the wicket to Marsh.

Typically tidy from Philander as Marsh continues to dig in. 9 off 43 balls for him! Maiden. 73/3 Khawaja 42 S Marsh 9

Rabada around the wicket to Khawaja. FOUR - Short and wide and cut through point. Poor delivery. Rabada not quite at his best today but it isn't the more responsive wicket it must be said. However he has been on the short side in my view.

5 off. Players take drinks. 78/3 Khawaja 47 S Marsh 9

Philander continues to Khawaja.

First mistake for a while from Khawaja, advances down the track, tries to hammer it through the covers but plays and misses.

Outside off, Khawaja drawn forward, plays and misses as it seams away. Maiden. 78/3 Khawaja 47 S Marsh 9

Maharaj back into the attack. Will Australia start where they left off when Maharaj last bowled? 2 overs for 17 earlier on. Shaun Marsh facing. Immediate turn into Marsh, Marsh goes a little far across, hit on the knee roll and not much of an appeal. Unless he hit it that looked plumb!