Anthony Joshua v Joseph Parker LIVE!



GOOD EVENING FIGHT FANS! We've got a huge night ahead in Cardiff as Anthony Joshua takes on Joseph Parker for the world heavyweight titles. I'm expecting a classic if I'm honest. And I think it'll be a lot closer than a lot of people keep telling me. I'm Roddy Graham, thank you so much for choosing ByTheMinute to keep you up to speed. Let's do the boxing!

So far tonight there's already been a feast of action in the ring. Anthony Crolla just saw off Edson Ramirez in a 10 rounder. Josh Kelly, Joe Cordina and Joshua Buatsi have also won. And our live coverage starts with Ryan Burnett v Yonfrez Parejo. This one is a 12 round contest for the WBA Super World Bantamweight title. Round-by-round updates to follow. Don't forget our comments are always open and you're more than welcome to join in. Click that "be first" button on desktop or "reply" on mobile and share your thoughts.

BURNETT v PAREJO - ROUND 1 He's a real talent Burnett. Not sure if he's done quite enough to be able to wear gold shorts though... It's a tight affair in the opening minute. Lots of distance between the two fighters. Burnett's speed is allowing him to get in, land a jab and burst his way back out again. Neat left, right inside the last minute is the best shot so far. Not the world's greatest round of boxing, but both men now eased into the contest. 10-9 Burnett.

BURNETT v PAREJO - ROUND 2 Good right hand from Burnett at the start of the 2nd round. I'm still finding it hard to take my eyes off those shorts of his though. Oh so shiny! Burnett in control of the encounter. Parejo just hasn't shown very much in attack or defence in the first couple of rounds. Swings a couple of wild hands which Burnett ducks with ease. It's another one in the bag for the Belfast boy. 20-18 Burnett

BURNETT v PAREJO - ROUND 3 The crowd in Cardiff already sounds like there's has a real buzz going around the stadium. It'll be turned up a notch when Price and Alexander Povetkin face off next. Then it'll be palpable once Joshua and Parker enter the ring. In this third round, it's much the same as the previous two rounds. Burnett making all the moves. Parejo trying but failing. It's been a very solid performance from Burnett so far. Nothing spectacular but doing more than enough to make his mark. 30-27 Burnett

BURNETT v PAREJO - ROUND 4 The gold cladded crotch of Burnett is still holding strong against the wily (yes, WILY!) Parejo. Burnett looks like he's punching harder than in the previous rounds. Upped his level in the 4th. Looks like it's only going to be a question of whether he wins before the final bell or on points at this stage. 40-36 Burnett

BURNETT v PAREJO - ROUND 5 Parejo still on the back foot due to the quick feet and quicker hands of Burnett. He can't get close enough to hurt the Belfast born boxer, and can't nip away quick enough to avoid a jab. Despite having the superior reach, it's not being used. Into the last minute of the round and Burnett is giving it the wobbly leg and arms by his side. Taking the mick now. Good lad. Like a bit of shithousing inside the ring. 50-45 Burnett

BURNETT v PAREJO - ROUND 6 Parejo hasn't put the towel in yet, even if his body language is displaying the behaviour of a man who knows he's miles behind in the contest. He's still plugging away with trying to get a few shots landing. Just not able to get anything through at the moment. Burnett showcasing all the confidence of someone who knows he's well on top. Uppercut near the end of the round seals the deal for another round. 60-54 Burnett

BURNETT v PAREJO - ROUND 7 Sky Box Office have the same scorecard as me after the first half of the fight. I'm sure if you weren't even a massive boxing fan, you'd still have the same score in mind. Been a dominant performance so far. feed has gone down. Sake. I'm sure Burnett is still on top. Maybe.

BURNETT v PAREJO - ROUND 8 BACK! Looks like I didn't miss too much. Burnett still way out in front and cruising his way to another win. Parejo just been overworked by Burnett, who is showing such confidence on this big stage. He'll be a huge star in a few years time. Might even sell out a place like this. 80-72 Burnett