New Zealand

307 & 7/0



Good evening or good morning wherever you're from. We're about to start day 3 in the 2nd and final test. Mark Wood to bowl. Watling facing.

Wood finishes the over he started last night. 1 off. 192/6 Watling 77 Southee 13

Ben Stokes on for a bowl, possibly for 3 overs before the new ball is taken.

SIX - Tim Southee is a happy slogger. Mows it over cow corner.

8 off. 200/6 Watling 77 Southee 21

Wood to Watling.

FOUR - Pitched up, Southee smacks it straight. This is a flat deck. Hit straight through the line.

FOUR - Predictable crap from Wood. Awful short ball, pulled through mid wicket.

9 off. 209/6 Watling 78 Southee 29

Stokes to Watling.