South Africa
488 & 58/1




Super soft! Just outside off, short-ish, Sayers goes for a cut but lobs it up for Amla at backward point. Sayers gone for a duck on debut. 207/9

1 off and a wicket. 207/9 Paine 49 Hazlewood 0

Rabada to Paine.

Beauty! Perfect seam, leaves Paine late as he plays and misses. Maiden. 207/9 Paine 49 Hazlewood 0

Maharaj to Hazlewood.

Sharp turn and a sharp inside edge flies beyond Markram at short leg.

SIXER! - That has gone many a mile. Full and Paine gives himself room and launches one over deep mid wicket.

8 off. 215/9 Paine 56 Hazlewood 1

This is Paine's 4th test 50. A fine effort by the new Australian captain, leading from the front. An unenviable task for the Tasmanian.

FOUR - Too straight and Paine clips fine off his hip.