South Africa
488 & 58/1




Here is that Elgar catch from earlier in all its glory:

Lyon to Markram.

4 off. 25/0 - Lead by 292 Markram 18 Elgar 7

Cummins replaces Hazlewood in the attack.

Hattrick ball for Cummins.

Short-ish, straight, Elgar just sways out of the way and misses the gloves. It was a hattrick ball because Cummins took wickets in successive balls to end the 1st innings. Cummins jokingly appeals and enjoys a chuckle with Elgar and Gould. Utterly likeable player is Cummins. Wholehearted.

Maiden. Cummins mostly on the short side in that over. 25/0 - Lead by 292 Markram 18 Elgar 7

Sayers back into the attack. Markram facing.

2 slips, gully, short cover.

Markram has played a few good drives but not quite got his timing going yet.