South Africa
488 & 58/1




2 off. Tidy enough from Sayers. Players take drinks. 27/0 - Lead by 294 Markram 20 Elgar 7

Cummins around the wicket to Elgar.

FOUR - Short ball at the body, Elgar gets on top of it and pulls it through mid wicket. FIne shot.

4 off. Cummins still a bit short. 31/0 - Lead by 298 Markram 20 Elgar 11

FOUR - Sayers strays full and straight, Markram with a flick of the wrists, dispatches it beyond short mid wicket. Aerially but no danger of a catch. FOUR - Short and wide, Markram cuts sweetly behind square.

9 off. 40/0 - Lead by 307 Markram 29 Elgar 11

Cummins to Markram.

FOUR - Sweet. Cummins offers up a bit of width, little overpitched. Balance is good, Elgar allows his hands to go through the ball beautifully through cover.

5 off. 45/0 - Lead by 312 Markram 30 Elgar 15

Lyon back into the attack.