St. Louis Cardinals

New York Mets



Good evening and Happy Easter to those who celebrate. Welcome to our coverage of MLB action from Citi Field as the New York Mets host the St. Louis Cardinals. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H).

St. Louis starting line up (from Cardinals Twitter):

And the Mets starting line up (from Mets Twitter):

Cardinals 0 - 0 Mets Dexter Fowler steps up to the plate to face Steven Matz.

Cardinals 0 - 0 Mets Fowler fouls the first pitch but soon gets ahead 2-1 on the count. Two pitches later and he is struck out.

Cardinals 0 - 0 Mets Tommy Pham is up next. He works a full count as Matz's pitching is a little all over the place. He gets a walk next pitch.

Cardinals 0 - 0 Mets Next to the plate is Matt Carpenter. He is quickly 3-1 up on Matz - generally the pitches are high. The next pitch looked okay to me but Carpenter gets the walk.

Cardinals 0 - 0 Mets Marcell Ozuna comes to the plate. Matz is getting to his work as Ozuna is struck out on the third pitch.

Cardinals 0 - 0 Mets Jose Martinez is the next batter. He hits one foul to level up the count. He does get the ball away but it is caught in centre field.

Cardinals 0 - 0 Mets Asdrubal Cabrera leads off for the Mets against Luke Weaver. He works a full count before popping one up to Fowler to catch.