New Zealand

307 & 278-5



Hello! England will start Day 4 of the second Test in Christchurch on 202-3 - a very good lead of 231, and there's opportinity to build further. I'm a rancidly ill Anthony Hart and I'll be taking you through the morning session. We're underway in just under 15 minutes' time. Oh, and Happy Easter!

Slightly overcast this morning, we're ready to start

So Malan (19no) and Root (30) are at the crease and Boult will bowl the first over to the strains of Jerusalem. As it ends, there's a super piece of Kiwi fielding. Don't know which they've just applauded to be honest. A couple of singles to start the day. 204-3

Southee bowls his first of the day, it's a maiden. Some kid getting their cap signed by the man at the boundary, not even sure they said thanks. Bring back national service 204-3

Lovely placed shot from Malan - over the top to send Boult for four. 208-3

Another four. Root this time, from a wide delivery. 213-3 after that over

A couple of singles bring up the 50 stand for England. Didn't see much of the over as they've given me the keys to the BTM Cricket twitter. Remember when twitter wasn't a cesspit? 215-3

YES! I've seen a Bolton Wanderers flag! We're massive. Just a single off Boult there. The D word already been mentioned by the Sky Sport lot. That's the Kiwi type. Notice the singular sport. 216-3

FOUR! No fine leg, and Root sends Southee's stump-aimed ball to the boundary. Lovely off the legs. 221-3

Headingley last summer being mentioned too. Think the Windies just batted very smartly there, not the time yet though. 223-3