Bayern Munich



Oh. Hello. Come on in you hipster devil. I'm @aidanleape here as your "Oh, that games on too" representative for the next two nights as the Champions League Quarter Finals begin. Tonight we're watching Bayern Munich travel to Sevilla. Mainly because Jose Mourinho doesn't understand football. Not that I'm bitter or anything. Definitely not bitter. 100% sweet. No lemon here. TUNES

I suppose I should get you some team news then. Sevilla go with this bunch at the Sanchez-Pizjuan: Soria; Jesus Navas, Kjaer, Lenglet, Escudero; Pizarro, N'Zonzi; Sarabia, Vazquez, Correa; Ben Yedder. That be a 4-2-3-1 folks. Sat on the plastic seats of dissapointment are: Rico, Arana, Geis, Muriel, Pareja, Ramirez, Nolito

And for Bayern it's the 4-3-3. Es ist sehr interessant! Ulreich; Kimmich, Hummels, Boateng, Bernat; Vidal, Javi Martinez, Thiago; Muller, Ribery, Lewandowski. On das bench are: Wagner, Sule, Robben, James Rodriguez, Rafinha, Rudy, Starke. Got it. Good.

Teams in the tunnel. Bayern in the most fetching of white hoodies. That really is my type of style. Not that David Cameron would be happy. Or my washing machine to be fair. I always seem to pour egg down anything white. Anyway, in other good news, Robbie Savage is on co-commentary duty for this one. Lord give me strength. And earmuffs.

Italian referee. Plenty of rolling queued and ready to go then. My favourite time of football that really. We're just about all set to get rocking and a'rolling.

We're off. The atmosphere looks excellent. Unfortunately we can't tell if it is or not, because BT Sports audio is suitably and predictably crap, and so it sounds as if we're listening through eight sheets of glass and stood in between two cement mixers. 0-0 (0)

Ribery has just been described as 'ageless' on the TV. I must have missed his cameo when him and Peter Pan jogged off to Neverland. He's taking a corner now anyway, and it's onto the thatch of Hummels at the back post. I say thatch, it's much silkier than that if we're being fair. In that attitude of fairness, we'll also note that his free header was piss poor. 0-0 (3)

Neat interplay from Sevilla, and it ended with Escudero floating a cross from the byline. Sarabia the man to get his head on the ball, but he has no sort of angle to work with, and he's basically just plopped it back into the clutch of Ulreich. 0-0 (4)

Ah. It's to be one of those nights. Sevilla fans are going to cry at the referee for absolutely everything. Cannot wait for that high level whinging to continue. Cross came in from Bayern a couple of minutes ago, but Soria was able to flap it away. Ribery then has a shot blocked behind for a corner after a dodgy giveaway from the hosts. 0-0 (6)

Chipped ball in and for a moment it looks like Ben Yedder is just going to find himself in behind everyone. Boateng manages to get a little something on it, and everything is back nicely under control for the Germans. 0-0 (8)