Premier League Darts: Judgement Night



A sad, sad day in the history books. Let’s pause for a moment to think about Eric Bristow MBE, and what he’s done for the sport of darts.


And the first bounce out of the evening goes to...Gerwyn Price, immediately following a Whitlock 180. Darts can be unforgiving at the best of times.

Whitlock misses 7 at tops and 2 at tens, opening the door for Price, who misses a couple of darts at double. Turns out no-one wants this leg... Price misses D1 low with the first dart, Whitlock gets there eventually. Let’s forget about that one eh? 2-1 Whitlock (with throw).

First break of throw! Price fails to check out 91, allowing Whitlock to pin D8 to take a 3-1 lead.

Price misses D8 to break straight back, giving Whitlock one dart at D16 to win the leg. He misses, but so does Price - with three darts! Eventual hold, 4-1 Whitlock.

Looks like Price is carrying out some running repairs mid-leg here in Liverpool. Throws the next two darts plum in the T20.

Price has 6 darts from 84 to win the 6th leg, but only scores 28! 56 plays 122; Price checks out 56 in 2 darts. 4-2 Whitlock.

Well a poor 41 from Whitlock leaves him on 145, which he isn’t able to check out Price has 116, hitting T19, 19 but missing tops low. Whitlock can’t check out, neither can Price. Neither can Whitlock. Eventually, a bizarre D7 (set up from a single six?!) sees Price break back, trailing 4-3.

Leg 8: SW Scores 140 137 60 164!!!!!! A gorgeous T19 T19 Bull sees an immediate break back in favour of then Wizard. Whitlock 5-3.

UNLUCKY GEZZY! A valiant 180 effort is hindered by a third dart bounceout.

POINT GUARANTEED! Whitlock hits D6 to give him the 6-3 lead. Another point will put him in the top 4 on level points with Rob Cross.