Premier League Darts: Judgement Night



A sad, sad day in the history books. Let’s pause for a moment to think about Eric Bristow MBE, and what he’s done for the sport of darts.


D5 missed for Cross to break straight back! Double tops missed for Anderson to take the lead. Cross comes back and pins D5 first dart in hand regain the lead and break the throw! 3-2 Cross.

A 180 from Anderson sets him up to break in this leg! 95 plays 154.

Misses galore here in Liverpool. A messy leg but Anderson manages to hit D1 to break and level proceedings at 3 a piece.

OOF! Anderson on 144, hits T20 T20 then wires the D12 inside. He needed it too, as a Cross D18 sees yet another break of throw. 11 missed darts at double for Gary. 4-3 Cross

A straightforward 75 in an unusual drama free leg sees Cross hold, 5-3 in his favour. Then Anderson starts the 9th leg with a 180. Naturally.

Anderson holds throw, trailing 5-4. Then across 180s with the first three darts of the next leg. Quality.

Missed darts at double for Cross give Anderson the perfect opportunity to check out 155. T20, T19....misses the double outside. Cross hits the double and won’t be beaten tonight!!

For only his second time tonight, Ando hits tops! 6-5 with Cross throwing first - decider time!

RC 100 GA 98 RC 100 GA 60. Advantage Cross.

RC 180. Advantage Cross!