Premier League Darts: Judgement Night



A sad, sad day in the history books. Let’s pause for a moment to think about Eric Bristow MBE, and what he’s done for the sport of darts.


Suljovic leaves the big fish. MVG leaves 124.

And again, Suljovic has swayed into the treble 5! Let’s see how MvG fares with this 124

92 scores. 75 for Suljovic to retake the lead.

Mensur misses two darts at double to lead MvG and you simply can’t miss darts at double against him. Could that be the turning point? MvG takes out 32 for the break.

Michael misses a dart at D14 to lead 4-2, but he’ll be bac......never mind. 4-2 van Gerwen.

Mensur Suljovic needs four legs to be in with the chance of surviving Judgement Night. Meanwhile, van Gerwen has effectively stolen the darts.

226 (MS) plays 4 (MVG). This’ll be a tough one for Suljovic to take!

Well...MvG missses all three darts at D2. Suljovic can’t check out 126. Michael misses THREE MORE darts at D2....and Mensur hits his favourite D14. Trails 4-3 against throw. 3 legs required for Mensur.

Right. Suljovic has the upper hand against the darts in leg 8. Effectively stolen the darts. 261 plays 391.

135 for Mensur. Hits the outer bull but misses T20. Huge blow as MVG takes D6 to check out 75, third dart in hand. Starts the next leg with 180. Could this be curtains?