Premier League Darts: Judgement Night



A sad, sad day in the history books. Let’s pause for a moment to think about Eric Bristow MBE, and what he’s done for the sport of darts.


Well he’s not given up. Suljovic throws another 180, folllwed by 100, to leave 82. Great effort.

Bull, 16, D8 for Mensur to check out 82. He’s hanging on in there somehow! 5-4 MVG, MVG with the throw.

T20, D4 (2 Darts) for van Gerwen means Mensur can’t win. He needs to hold here and break in the next leg. But a 43 for Mensur, and a 180 for van Gerwen is music to the ears of a certain Peter Wright!

Oof. Michael hit two more T20s, followed by a single 5. He really, really wanted the 9. Maybe if he gifts Mensur this leg, he can do it in the next? Never mind. 10th 180 for MvG means the inevitable is about to happen

And judgement night has been decided! Mensur Suljovic 4-7 Michael van Gerwen. Mensur Suljovic joins Gerwyn Price in the relegation zone; neither will return in this year’s PL. Peter Wright is safe and will try to make up as much ground as possible over the coming weeks in an attempt to secure a top-4 spot.

Wright takes on Gurney to end Judgement Night! Crucial points for both up for grabs.

Both players happy, and why not?! Wright is safe, Gurney has found a couple of great results! Both on stage, practice darts in hand. Paul Hinks is overseeing the last game of the night.

Well, Wright has missed six darts at double against throw. He needs to check this 4 out else it’ll seem like a steal...

And in 21 darts, Wright hits D1, last dart in hand, to break. Both will want to forget about that leg.

Beautiful 121 on the Bullseye with Wright sitting on 68 gives Gurney the immediate break back! 1-1.