Good evening everyone! Ready for a TV show to make you raid your fridge? Of course you are! MasterChef will be getting underway in around 10 minutes, and I'll be bringing it to you right here.

Here are the chefs who'll be battling it out tonight. Please excuse me if I don't know who someone is, I have been doing a bad job of keeping up to date with this series of MasterChef!

Oooooh off we go!

Apparently last night was a wee bit stressy, so is tonight going to be more of the same?

Tonight, they're cooking a VIP lunch for a fancy occasion at the Houses of Parliament, and then they'll be battling it out in the MasterChef kitchen.

The fancy occasion is commemorating the 100th anniversary of women getting the vote, how fabulous!

John is scaring the life out of them all before they've even started, it's 8am, and lunch is at 1.30pm, so off they go.

Moonira is a pharmacist, so I'm rooting for her. Have to stick together ;) She's making a chicken medley, which sounds right up my street. It's one of the starter options.

Greg is making a lobster starter option, but he's started boiling them too high. Whoops.

We've got three guys on the mains. George is making three different types of lamb, wow. Rather him than me. David is currently gutting a HUGE fish, which we're being told is halibut. There you go. Nawamin is making a Thai Green Curry, with some aubergines in there. He's also doing something with chicken thighs, but don't ask me what.