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Nothing says Valentines like must be the mud...or the shorts. Welcome to Italy v England, in Round Two of the Six Nations

@beckyflashhart here and looking forward to this one. Will Italy give England a real fight or will the men in white run amok?

So, the important bit, the line ups:

And the benches, England's is looking particularly strong

Ref in charge today is Glen Jackson, don't all groan at once.

So, all things going well, we will see tries, kicks actually going over and absolutely no Parisse drop goals. Agreed? Good. On we go.

This match is on ITV in the UK, meaning I'm subject to some awful ads... the rugby better be worth it. Chicken Madras anyone? Thought not

Here's Eddie Jones 'We've had a good week's prep, so we are ready to go...I don't want them to be held by tradition, I want them to play'

Jones cont 'Italy used to be a traditional set piece team...but now half backs much better in broken play'

Ohhhh here come the players. Hartley looking mean and focussed. Paris seems to be anti ageing- he now looks about 23