Rugby U


9 mins- Better kicking than last week! Canna slots from through from the left and Italy lead 3-0

11 mins- Ok ENG with a scrum in the Italian half. PEN ENG as Italy didn't drive straight. Farrell going for goal ITA 3-0 ENG

12 mins- Farrell slots it over with ease to level up the scores. Phew. ITA 3-3 ENG

Eng take the restart and kick the ball up, and Canna's return is out on the full. Young ends that move in possession and he breaks through!

15 mins- That move didn't go anywhere and now ITA have possession in their half. Garcia gets pinged for holding on

16 mins- Farrell off for a head injury assessment, Goode is on. So Ford is taking the penalty shot at goal...Easy peasy. Eng lead 6-3

Meanwhile, Burnabo is of at lock for Fuser for ITA. Canna has a pot at goal under advantage and it goes well wide. PEN kick ITA instead

Much much better by Canna, another PEN from the left and we are all square at 6-6 in rome after 19 minutes

Ok, ITA have possession just in England's half. And now they have a PEN, in at the site from Billy V. Garcia is going to have a go

22- Garcia, btw, has the most impressive ginger beard ever seen on a rugby field. Just just wide. Let off for Eng, and Farrell is back on