Rugby U


Canna kick at goal and through it goes. They are right in this match, ITA 9 - 11 ENG with 36 minutes gone

Oh jeez another ENG infringement, this time Dan Cole off his feet. Discipline has been poor today. ITA will have a line out in ENG 22

39- Lawes steals the line out. But ITA turn it over again! Sloppy rucking from ENG. Canna kicks across to Parisse but Watson catches cleanly

Hands in the ruck by Minto and Farrell kicks it long so ENG will just have time for an attacking line out in Italy's 22

Here we go, clock over 40, truck and trailer and wide it goes...Nowell gets thumped and it gets messy but ITA get a boot in and back it goes


That was exciting, fast, frantic and a complete bloody mess in places. Neither team kept possession for more than a few phases

I dread to think how many turn overs there were in that half. But Eng have their noses in front, thanks to Ford's try

Italy though, will be pumped, they have been excellent disruptors and are right in this one. One question- how is their fitness??

They were mentally tired by the end of the French game...but having said that, they have the confidence of knowing they can run teams close