Rugby U


Team news then: Exeter: Turner, Whitten, Slade, S Hill, Woodburn, J Simmonds, White, Hepburn, Cowan-Dickie, Francis, Skinner, J Hill, Dennis, Armand (C), S Simmonds Gloucester: Hudson, Sharples, Trinder, Atkinson, Marshall, Williams, Heinz (C), Hohneck, Hanson, Afoa, Savage, Slater, Ackermann, Ludlow, Morgan


2- Exeter over halfway for the first time, Woodburn to the fore.

3- The Exeter attack breaks down as Hepburn throws a pass forward. Gloucester scrum

4- Gloucester looking good again here. Williams steps out of one and finds Afoa. Playing advantage.

Owen Williams steps up.... it's good. Exeter 0-3 Gloucester (6)

7- Turner with a nice line takes Exeter over halfway, Gloucester's line-speed is good though.

8- Morgan infringes. Exeter with a chance to hit straight back.

9- Well, Exeter have decided to turn down a very kickable penalty and have gone for the lineout.

9- Gloucester do well to disrupt the line-out, Exeter still in possession though.

10- Gloucester have forced a turnover. Afoa I think it was and Hudson hacks the ball clear.

13- How have Exeter not scored?! After 16 phases of possession, Turner works an opening, Armand then takes the pass tries to offload but the ball goes to a Gloucester hand.