Rugby U


Team news then: Exeter: Turner, Whitten, Slade, S Hill, Woodburn, J Simmonds, White, Hepburn, Cowan-Dickie, Francis, Skinner, J Hill, Dennis, Armand (C), S Simmonds Gloucester: Hudson, Sharples, Trinder, Atkinson, Marshall, Williams, Heinz (C), Hohneck, Hanson, Afoa, Savage, Slater, Ackermann, Ludlow, Morgan


24- Mistake from Exeter. Straight out from White. Gloucester line-out just outside the 22.

25- Gloucester struggling to keep hold of the ball and it's a simple clear out for Exeter.

26- Another error from Gloucester, a soft penalty for offside as Woodburn claims a high ball. Back into the corner the Chiefs go.

27- Gloucester disrupt the Exeter line-out but the ball goes forward from Slater. Exeter with an attacking scrum.

28- Great work from the Gloucester 8 who turn the ball over. They go upfield through Trinder but again they needlessly give the ball away.

30- Exeter scrum is well on top here, they draw a penalty, again Simmonds eyes up the corner.

31- More excellent work from Gloucester to stop the Exeter rolling maul, another chance goes begging for the home side.

32- Oh dear, that's a shocker from Braley, clearance kick doesn't even make it out of the Gloucester 22. Exeter back on the attack.

34- More patient build-up play from Exeter. Armand takes them up to the 5m line.

35- Exeter playing advantage, close to the base of the post.