Bahrain Grand Prix 2018



Right, I have to fly. Great race but still a shit country and circuit. See you soon. Let's hope the Ferrari mechanic is good.

Vettel "these tyres were done" The Toro Rosso crew are going mental after an excellent P4 for Gasly. With a Honda engine.

Superb driving from Sebastian Vettel, incredible. Bottas 2nd, 0.7s back then Hamilton 6.5s behind. That was exciting!

VETTEL wins his 200th F1 GP!!!

Last lap, gap 0.3s!!!!

Lap 56 and Bottas a shade too far back for DRS.... ... now he's got it. Seb holds him back in the pit straight.

A reminder: that Merc is not great behind another car. But tyres!


Lap 54/57 1.3s

They don't know...