Bahrain Grand Prix 2018



Fastest lap for Bottas now, on the mediums. Hmm

Meanwhile Vettel under 2s behind Hamilton...

Pirelli are intrigued too...

If Hamilton holds up Vettel, that plays to Bottas chances.

Vettel flies past Hamilton at the end of the pit straight on lap 26... Will HAM pit now?

Vettel's gap to Bottas is 5s, that needs to be extended a lot to allow for a stop. 30 laps to go though. Hamilton stops for mediums.

Hamilton is 25s behind now, in P4. And breathe.

The pit stop window is 23s apparently, when they're racing at full chat. A safety car would of course change everything. The gap between Vettel & Bottas has not moved, it's sub 5s. Have Ferrari decide to preserve their tyres and make them last the distance? That's a bit scary if you're a fan of the red cars.

The Haas teammates, Grosjean & Magnussen are battling over the same piece of track but on separate strategies. KMag is getting very sweary. Grosjean pits.

Hamilton asking about the gap to the Ferrari, he's thinking P2 behind Bottas. I have a feeling Ferrari have screwed up on strategy.