Bahrain Grand Prix 2018



Vettel - 7.6s - Bottas - 9.5s - Hamilton Meanwhile there's bits falling off Grosjean's Haas. American build quality.

Ericsson has just taken Alonso, but Alosno gets the place back at the next turn. They're P7 & P8

Hamilton's engineer can't hear him over the radio, so are unable to communicate any strategy. Remember pit boards?

Hamilton gets chopped a bit passing Perez, just a bit of indecision by Lewis. Lewis' crew trying to get a hurry up message through to him.

Whilst Hamilton is being asked to lap in the low 1.34s he's just put in a 1.37 Oh!

Gasly still P4, with that Honda engine. Alonso P7 without it.

10 laps to go, and Vettel still rolling along. Getting angsty about the back markers, Fernando in particular.

Vettel on-board camera showing him driving like on ice, being so careful. No such delicacy from Lewis as he locks up going into turn... a corner.

4.6s between Bottas & Vettel - eek!

Bottas has gained 1s on lap 51