The Masters: Final Round



Until then, I've been and remain @dralanwilson. I'm not watching the presentation 'cos I'm a miserable bastard. Enjoy the rest of your day and don't overcook your spuds.

Our remit is to bring you the action, as soon as it happens, with the details you want and (if we possibly can) make it entertaining too but above all tell you what is bloody happening. I hope we've done that over the past 4 days. We'll be back covering more golf - from the PGA Tour, European Tour and, of course, the US Open starting in June

Mike Barry

And The Heritage next weekend too ....!!!!!!!

Alan Wilson

yep ! Love that one.

That brings us to the end of our coverage of the 2018 Masters. Thanks to the shoulders of the giants that I've stood on - you know who you are - and the BTM team for setting this up. it's been 5 years since our leader first tweeted about the lack of live, minute by minute coverage of major sporting events and The Masters in particular.

Mike Barry

I'm going to peel my potatos now. Take the "jacket" off them ha.

Final leaderboard

Patrick Reed is your Masters Champion for 2018. To general cries of "Bugger" and "Couldn't happen to a less nice guy" Patrick Reed takes the Green Jacket from the clutching claws of Rickie Fowler and Jordan Spieth.

Mike Barry

Ha. Good bloody man Dr Alan. And the crew. Fair play.

Mike Barry

The "gagging" memes are flying herein Calgary


BOP Mafia


BOP Mafia

But thanks for the updates, lifesaver here in NZ mid-morning in the office!

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Super fast down there - he hardly touched it - and about 3 ft left up the hill now for the win.

Mike Barry

Bah Humbug

Tickles it down ... knee knocker left

Reed with 2 putts for the jacket.

Mike Barry

Potato in a jacket

Alan Wilson


Rory finished with 74.