The Masters: Final Round



@dralanwilson here with BTM coverage of the closing holes of the 2018 Masters. And the only concern seems to be, who can beat Patrick Reed to the green jacket?

Talking of whom, he's just knocked it out on the 11th from the pine straw. Good angle, but he's over run his lay up into the rough, so not that great. Meanwhile Rickie and Johnny Rahm have hit cracking shots into 12. Rory has muffed his approach at 11. Ideal chance to close the gap and he's hit an awful iron from prime position

BOP Mafia

Rory's having one of those days .....

Mike Barry

Rory is making a complete hames out of this. He should have come skiing w me.....

Meanwhile don't rule out my pick - Jordan was out of this 4 hours ago. Now he's Reed's biggest threat. Killed another tee shot down 15. Rahm for birdie on 12 - nope. Reed with a good chip on 11, but not dead. Neither is Rory's Lot of golf left here.

On 12 Rickie makes no mistake. Moves to -11. Is this his time ? Could be. DJ narrowly misses for eagle - would have taken him to -10 !! Moves to -9 and right in it if someone crashes and burns.

Reed for par - oooh ! lips out, from left edge.

Mike Barry

I like it when he misses !!!!!

Alan Wilson

Rory should definitely have taken you up on your ski offer

Rickie tee shot on 13 - perfect ! Spieth on 15, playing 2nd shot ... twirling club and on the green. 2 putt birdie coming up I feel. Rors has lost it now - can't convert the 4ft par putt.

OK, Spieth is going to post -14 and win. That's my prediction.

Mike Barry

I'll take that.

Reed is safely aboard 12 , rory also OK, but bit further away back of the green.

If Reed wins here, by some miracle, would there be a more unpopular winner? I can't think of one, maybe you can.

Spieth for eagle - long way away and he's not hit that ... looked to be about 15ft short, but only ended up 6ft short. VERY QUICK ! Rors misses on 12.

Mike Barry

Here is a link that "fans" of Reed would do well to read.

BOP Mafia

He does seem to be universally unpopular - even among the Americans. There's an "Anyone but Reed" vibe about today

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