The Masters: Final Round



Turns out Tiger is only in the pinestraw, which is fortunate. They're waiting for the group ahead, so we're just watching him squat a few times. RCB to hit first from the middle of the fairway.

After seemingly an eternity, RCB hits his 2nd and goes right of the green, stopping just before the bunker. Woods with a tricky stance amongst the pines as the top of his swing clashes with the trees; comes up short too.

Tiger chipping over the bunker to a narrow stretch of green, almost holes it! Should make birdie from a few feet. RCB from similar distance, can't quite replicate but put himself in decent birdie country. He is also co-ordinating well with the flag and the Masters logo today.

Mike Barry

Ha. CBS sports has "driving range" camera" featured here ! Bummer. Watching Tony Finau hit wedges........

Howard Crossland (@howcro)

Potato wedges probably a better option for you there Mike.

Cabrera-Bello misses his birdie right, even the old knee bend didn't work. Par for him. Birdie for Tiger though! -1 after 2 holes, +3 overall.

Woods teeing off at 3, rolls off the fairway into the left rough.

RCB at 3, fairway all the way underway runway. His second shot finds the middle of the green.

Tiger with 321 off the tee so just 40 to go, but he makes a right horlicks of the chip! Doesn't make the green with it and now he's got to get it up and down a big slope, which he does but only makes the cusp of the green, so a bit of a bastard putt for par coming up.

RCB for birdie at 3, 20 feet ish, rattling along as it hurtles beyond the hole and more left for par than he would have liked.

Woods unable to hole out from the edge of the green and has given that birdie straight back, down to +4 again with that bogey. RCB disappointingly three-putts from the middle of the green, and he's on +4 too now.

Amen Corner coverage has now become available, so I'll be interspersing that in shortly.