The Masters: Final Round



Two crucial putts coming up - Jordan on 17 and Reed on 14. Can Jordan repeat Nicklaus famous putt from 1986 ?

Not quite - camera angle was rubbish, but it slipped past ... Rory now - tickles it down 14 and it's good for pace, but wide, wide wide. Fowler at 15 - pin high, but a long way away. Reed - RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE and back in the lead. Moves to -15.

Jordan tidies up at 17 and goes to 18 at -14. Which looked a winning score, but now I'm not so sure. Rory misses his par putt, by my reckoning that's about 6 or 7 shots gone with the flat stick. GAME OVER :-( Rahm is wet on 15. GAME OVER.

Jordan doesn;t want to win this after all - hits it left, no cut and it's in trouble . NO IDEA WHERE IT FINISHED.

Mike Barry

He's got 250 to the green.

Reed safely down 15, but not the prime position. They've found Spieth's ball, but he's MILES BACK. Know how that feels, not even found the start of the fairway.

Rahm in Sergio country after finding the drink and does not make the same mistake - on in 4, but not new the flag. Reckon Jordan has about 260 to the green, so he'll be lucky to get it up into the front bunkers..

Jordan gets it to about 50yds or so on 18.

Leaderboard at 22:52 BST

Rahm just misses par on 15. Back to -11 and a decent performance but not a chance of a Spain back to back. Fowler rolls his putt in and that birdie on 15 takes him to -13 and 2 back. Looks like it's Fowler vs Reed. I'm sure that was an episode of Eastenders back in the day.

BOP Mafia

Good line!

Jordan with 97 actually - cameras are deceptive. Landed it right by the flag, but it spun back. He will hole that for -14 I'm sure.